Can I add a dropdown as an input for a custom block?

I'm creating a custom reporter, and I need a dropdown input. Is this possible? If so, how would I add it?

Yes, it is possible. In the input dialog, set the input to any, number, or text (you just need to be able to type in it), then click the quarter gear at the bottom right. There should be an options called "options". After clicking options, you'll get presented with a new dialog. Type in each option on a line, then click ok. If you want to make it read-only, then just click the quarter gear, then click read-only.

You can also right click instead of clicking the quarter gear.

Thanks! Are there any other hidden input features?

Yes, there are a few more, but I'm sure they're not really meant to be hidden.

  1. You can add sub-menus to drop-down options.

Option 1={
Sub-Option 1

  1. You can add pre-made options, like sprites, or a menu, like a piano. You can do this by clicking the quarter gear/right clicking, hovering over "menu," and clicking one of the options given to you.

  2. There are other options in "special" if you want/need them.

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