Can anyone help with 3D graphics?

I went through all the work of making blocks that could be used to make a 3D project, but the problem is that I have zero ideas on how to get any of this to show up on the screen. Could someone help me? Snap! 6.3.7 Build Your Own Blocks (

Use this to make

I don't know anything about 3d graphics, and reading 3d graphics people's code always gives me a headache. But here are a couple of things I noted in your project:

The biggest one is that the maximum possible value for a color in a pixel is 255, not 256.

Another little thing, not a bug but just something you don't have to do, is calling APPEND with a variable as its one and only input. You can just use the variable as input to the block in which you used the APPEND as input.

he wants to copy the list

Oh. I guess if it's a dynamic array that might work. Append on linked lists shouldn't copy its last or only input.


Use this for help. A video about 3d graphics in scratch. Snap is scratch but added features so this should work...

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