Can a block in one scene receive a broadcasted message in another scene?

I just realized Snap! 7 is going to make game development a lot easier, especially with how I could just make one level as a separate scene and switch in to that from clicking a button in a different scene.

However, I am thinking that there might be some limitations to this type of feature. Let me try to explain this...

You are in a level select, and you click a level. Three buttons for the difficulties of the level pop up: Easy, Medium, and Hard. All of the difficulties will take you into the scene of the level. The thing I am worried about is if the difficulty buttons won't do anything in the level scene. Will it work the way I'm thinking it should?

Yes, if you click the right arrowhead in the SWITCH TO SCENE block it becomes

and then of course the new scene will have WHEN I RECEIVE (FOO) to handle it.

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