Call w/ continuation isn't working

every time: says untitled script pic(6) . but what should happen:
1st time: says
2nd time: says
3rd time: says untitled script pic(11)
(I might have gotten it mixed up but you get the idea)

I'm not too knowledgable on contiuations but I'm pretty sure this is intended behavior, a continuation is what needs to be executed before returning to the top-level... um... meaning what it has to do before it reaches the bottom of the loop/if-state.

And making the program report everything that would be done after that block would be impossible. What do you do when you have a random?

I think the manual makes clear that its pictures of continuations aren't what you really see. Internally, continuations aren't scripts; they're invisible procedures that basically say "set stack-pointer to here." So Jens had to go to a lot of trouble to construct, out of thin air, a script to picture -- a script that doesn't actually appear anywhere in your project. He did the best he could without making the display of continuations as much code as the whole rest of Snap!. But we don't claim that the picture is realistic; its purpose is just to reassure you that the value pictured is the continuation you asked for.

If you actually run those continuations, you'll see that they each do something different.

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