Call report in a custom block glitch?

Untitled script pic (1)

works fine, but:
Untitled script pic (2)

Untitled script pic (5)

even this doesnt work:
Untitled script pic (6)

I know that this used to work. Please fix it.

No, I don't think this is a bug, although the error message could be clearer. You can use REPORT only in a reporter or predicate, not in a command! (An anonymous procedure--a gray ring--can have a REPORT block, in which case it is implicitly declared to be a reporter.)

so how do i make it work with a command?

You don't. If you want your block to report a value, it's a reporter!

if you just want a way to abort a script or a custom block in case a condition is met you can use stop this block or stop this script to accomplish the same as you'd use the return statement in other programming languages. Is this what you were asking?


How did I do that?


change it into a reporter, because it is a command

oh i see now
also i was wondering
(how to make it to report
maybe impossible?)

join with a new line character (unicode (10) as a letter), or put them in a list
If you put report in call, you don't need run.

i mean, i know
how i do it with multiple blocks
report 1234
report 4567

Only one thing at a time can be reported.

a reporter block is a cap (foot) block, which means that it stops the script when it's ran. So,
untitled script pic (14)
will stop before it says "bye"

Error: Reporter did not report.

I am so proud of this error message.