heres the project, its a block that parses mathematical string inputs then performs each operation in the correct order and reports the solution. its quite extensive ive been testing it by copy pasting expressions my search bar and the project ,, supported operations and characters:

add (+) subtract/negate (-) multiply (*) divide (/) exponents (^) modulus (%) parenthesis(+implicit multiplication) () decimal (.) and digits 0-9 (duh)


this is directly (almost, stupid < [] contains [] > block) from an older project i made in scratch. i do plan on refining it to snaps standards, should be a fun project

Why did you make the block sprite local? It makes more sense if it's global

ik i agree that's just how it got converted, I used the snapinator thing to get it over from scratch onto here. there's a lot that can be done in terms of improvements bc I had to go through some pretty funky loopholes to get it working at all on scratch, im just glad it works on here and I got something to work on. I think it will be really nice once optimized.

Ok, that explains why you didn't use the split by block at all, or even the strings, multiline input library.

yeah. custom reporters wouldve been reeally nice but you cant beat the tried and true copy-paste method. still, doing untitled script pic (6) every time you need the char just before the closing parenthesis, things get just a bit crowded

untitled script pic (7)


yeah time for some custom blocks.