Buttons Category Block And Coloring Variable Colors

there should be a buttons category, its like variables category but you can click on it, and also a hat when button [ v] clicked, it will be cool, and wait until button [ v] clicked block, can you add it? And also the button color can be customized, with a block, (set button color to [color]) And also, there should be a block where it customizes the color of a variable (set variable watcher color to [color]), It would be cool.

What do you mean by a button? A sprite which will act like buttons?

actually its like a variable watcher, but its a button, you can click on it, to make it do something, example, put a hat "when button [ v] clicked"

You can easily do that with sprites.

yeah but costume editor doesnt have text

But it is possible with the Text costumes library.

ye but i need the feature to be added, that would be cool

maybe also changing the watcher type, and moving the watcher