Button to start loading embedded projects?

Currently embedded projects load automatically once they've entered the user's view. Because of this, it's kind of annoying when there is a project embed and it starts loading and completely freezes my page for 7 seconds because I have to wait for it to load. (ok not really only on some projects) And when I'm writing a post with a project embed in it, it keeps constantly reloading because of the preview and I can't write with that happening. So I am suggesting some sort of button in the iframe that starts the loading, instead of doing it automatically.

Good idea. At least we made it not start running automatically. :~)

Do you mean start loading Snap! or start running the project? Projects don't run automatically; which was a recent change.

I think he means a button to start loading the project.

Another thing:
If i put an embed project (a big project) in a message on the forum, it freeze (when editing) the editor for several seconds. (Because of the prewiew ?)

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