Button costume from text


The project

For some reason it's very off for me when I rerun the switch to costume sprite...


But otherwise, it is quite nice.

Are you on chrome ?

Yes I am

i don't know, no problem for me in chrome, but i have the same issue as you in firefox... i will work on this problem...

what is your OS ?

This doesn't need javascript...

not in 7 but in 6 yes

Having same problem. Chrome, Chrome OS

No you can remove the javascript part and it still works

Exact same conditions as me, so that may be the issue.

(for the costume)

i have the problem in firefox: i will test it in the evening.

Remove the javascript!

The jacascipt is just renaming the costume. It'll still work fine without it.

I removed all javascript...

something weird: that's not exactly the same font in chrome and firefox !

i fixe it, can you try it plz.

It works now.

yeah, snap just uses the browsers monospace font, which you can change in your browser's settings, for example,