Bug with "create variables" library

the "create variables" library does not work with the launch block:
Screenshot 2022-04-26 8.47.46 AM
Screenshot 2022-04-26 8.54.18 AM

A simpler example is

But do you have real-world example of it causing you a real issue?

Do you really need the library?

I agree with others a little context would help to diagnose the issue

I need the library for this project so you can use more than one animation a once.

(this is how I found it out)

This is my current workaround if you want to proceed - kludgy but seems to work - only altered 1st option in my version

I'm sure it can be improved :slight_smile:


[edit]Simpler launch
[edit2] If willing to forgo using dropdown menu to select variable then this seems to work

As always - I'm sure it can be improved :slight_smile: