Bug with Costume Importer

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  1. What browsers show this problem?

  2. Please share an example project (if possible).

  3. Describes the steps to reproduce this issue.
    File -> Costumes...

  4. What does Snap! currently do?
    When I open the costume importer, it freezes my tab and looks like the image above.

  5. What should Snap! do instead?
    Not crash :slight_smile:

Everyone in my classroom has also been experiencing this issue for about the past week. We are using chromebooks. Issue is reproduced in the same way.

This is a bug in the current version of Chrome. Google has already written a fix for that that will be deployed with Chrome v78 in about two weeks.

It works for me, and I'm using Chrome.

This has been fixed by Chrome in v78. Please update your browsers (or use Firefox, which is faster and doesn't spy on you!)