while looking at wikipedia's articles on fractals, i found a fractal, its named buddhabrot, heres what it looks like
(i had to use the lowest quality because the original was so big)

after seeing this, i want to recreate it in snap, using math, yes, raw math, i also have to use the code from jen's mandelbrot project

i only want the math equation, then trying to put it on the code



maybe someone can understand this

wow youre a genius

but we have to convert it into blocks, which ill do

nvm, its too hard

We aren't able to be on the Snap! forums all the time because we aren't chronically online freaks. We have things to do, places to go outside Snap!. I know you aren't able to be on the forums all the time either because you have more important things to do. That's why bh told you to wait for people to respond, they aren't able to be online all the time.

I can't access reddit on this computer.

I found the wikipedia post, which is much better. Instead of showing code in C it shows the actual equation. It's still hard to decode but it's better than the reddit post.



um this is snap you can do anything. dont lose hope.

Please, leave us alone! if you are constantly complaining how we're not there 24/7, then when we are, it sets a bad tone for us - I am not going to try to help anymore now that you have complained so much about us not being faster. I HAVE THINGS TO DO!

(okay ik that was a bit harsh, but please, we are still here to help without being there instantly!)

I'm pretty sure they were talking about it being hard to convert this mess

into snap. I don't blame them for giving up, it is very very hard to make any sense of this.

What you should do instead of harping on them for giving up, is help look for a better solution that is easier to understand, and translate to snap.

Okay, let me make it official. You're being really annoying. Pissing everyone off is not a good strategy for getting help with anything. Both starting a bunch of threads at once and pinging them all an hour later are annoying behaviors.

Nobody here owes you anything. Yes, that's right, you might post something and never get a response. That's how it is, in a community of volunteers. Nobody is paid to hold your hand.

Also, your requests for help are generally of the form

I want to do (cool project). Who wants to do it with (or for) me?

A good request for help is more like

Here's a {link} to my project. When I {click the green flag / type XYZZY / hover over Alonzo / etc} what's supposed to happen is {this} but instead what happens is {screenshot or result pic}.

That's an answerable question!


This is what i said:

To be more clear:
1)This a formula to get Buddharot
2)I don't understand this formula
3)Maybe someone else understand this formula and maybe this person can translate the formula into snap

There is a Polish site with an unobfuscated algorithm :link: (some browser have in-place translation), and JS implementation :link:

Also The Buddhabrot — Scientific computing on a Laptop :link:

im sure there is also a YT video explaining it

I wasn't talking to you, I was just quoting the formula in your post.

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