Browser Fullscreen (Continued)

How to I make the stage go fullscreen? Like no other elements but the stage are visible?

I don't get it, isn't that presentation mode?

use the getters and setter then do this:
goat script pic

What I mean is that I want the entire UI hidden, except for the stage. And the stage covers the entire screen. P.S. @sirhopsalot just to simplify this just a bit...
Scratch Cloud Data Getter script pic

-_- iM dUmB aS cAn Be.

Yeah. The reason we don't do that with presentation mode is that we just multiply the size by 2, which avoids problematic roundoff issues. But maybe computers have enough display precision these days that you could try it.

But I often make visual projects in 960x540, which would works best if the stage covered the entire screen, as you would avoid any kind of scaling artifacts, and it would look better, in my opinion.


Yes, because it is half of 1920x1080.

Is that (1920x1080) your screen size?

Yes, I believe its the most common screen size, at least for desktops and laptops.

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