Broken Project due to update

Load failed: TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'shadowColor')

You may be able to get a slightly older version, that might suffice, by selecting Recover instead of Open on the open file dialog

If you do manage to get a recovered version i'd recommend saving under a different name (just in case the devs can fix your broken version)

Did you make the project (or a constituent library) in the dev version of Snap!, and try to load it in the released version?

I was able to find the problem in the xml, and I got the project to load.

It was this bit of xml

<block s="doReport">
    <block s="reportMap">
        <block s="reifyReporter">
                <block s="evaluate">
                    <block var="function"/>
                        <custom-block s="%s">
        <block var="cols"/>

The problem is that the second element in <block s="evaluate"> shouldn't be a <script>, it should be what is inside that.

I don't know how this happened, but I managed to find the problem, and fix it.

The block in question was just the (call) block in this script.