Broken block in snap

The stop all block does not work, assuming some code of the program does not work. The rest of the the stop __ blocks work except this one. It does not work while inside a script nor while outside.

By the way, you can just drag and drop an image into the snap forum instead of using an external website.

The new Snap! 7.3 has STOP ALL SCENES.

I'm confused how stop all scenes works, because I thought that only one scene could run at a time.

Yeah me too. I'll ask Jens...

That's right, only one scene runs at a time, the other scenes are suspended and resume when you switch to them, either by running the switch to scene block or by clicking on the scene icon in the corral. When a scene resumes it ... resumes right where it left of, duh, including all threads and also including all generic WHEN hat blocks. This is really powerful but also easy to shoot yourself in the foot with, e.g. if your generic WHEN hat block always switches to another scene, then it's basically impossible to ever edit that scene again. That's what stop all scenes is for.

Oooooooohhh. That makes a lot of sense. I didn't know that scenes got suspended when you switch to another one. I thought that when you switched to a different scene, it would just stop the current one.

suspending them is really powerful, because it also keeps all the clones around. This lets you switch to another scene to display some information and back again to continue playing a game etc