Broke audio generator under bignum

It's all because bignums does this
untitled script pic (31)

Change by does not get changed in bignums to understand this new format.

Fixed version:

(also updated the block maker's brain to 8.2.0 instead of 4.0 :wink: )

Yeah this is why Jens gets upset if I say "numbers should just be like this instead of having to load a (fragile) library." Because countless other things will stop working.

also pls update all the libraries to use hyperblocks and variadic inputs and all sorts of stuff that wasn't there when it was built

wow, that is like, 10 times faster than the current library block. The libraries really do need to be updated.

Which libraries are you guys talking about?

audio comp

Ah. Not my department. Probably Jens or maybe Glen will get to it sooner or later.