Bouncing circles

Project here

That's cute. Aren't you going to put
untitled script pic
on top of that script?

I just fixed that, reload the project.

I'm also testing a bit of randomness, which I'll add to it.

Set turbo mode on. You will notice this is really a very long loop...

This isn't really for the goal, as for the drawing itself.

I just added it.

Set turbo mode on with randomness. You will see rings??

Oh, you can simply do this:

I added a turbo option.

I made that work with the ASK for the amount of randomness.

I agree with you that the process is what's interesting. But I also agree with @scratchmodification that it's uncomfortably slow. Maybe you could speed it up a little? Move 5 steps, or something? (And a correspondingly bigger turn.)

I added a speed option.

This didn't take long:

Edit: Imagine looking up to the night sky to see this:

Edit 2: This is a randomness of 10:

The first two just look like black rectangles for me.

The first one is almost that, but the second one has "stars", if you zoom in.