Body Tracking and such

Please add Body Tracking to Snap. I'm thinking about making some sort of VR Game you can run on your computer. It would cost less than a cent to use and make (VR is EXPENSIVE!). I've made it in Scratch before, and...let's just say it has seen better days. But it utilized Video Sensing and Video Sensing is limited. The best you can do is move in the X and Z axis (Depends where your camera is) but you can't move TOWARD the camera, otherwise it can't track that.

But body tracking allows you to make VR games and other such because then you can use your camera to track something in a 3 dimensional space, which is what VR is supposed to do.

I remember Scratch posting some sort of demo for some Face Tracking, but I don't want only Face Tracking, I want Body Tracking to allow for VR Games (In case you didn't get the memento up there).

Someoen in the past made a project that tracks movement. forgot the topic and who it was though.

I really want this to be something official.

Those CloudVar blocks, like that project that tracks movement (That of which you talked about), are easy, sure. But if they aren't official, then they might use some sort of third-party website, which makes the blocks hard to set up.

I've came from Scratch and, if you have seen those cloud variable blocks, they are easy to set up, right?

But those on Snap! that are not official, well, you'd have a hard time understanding what the heck the "cloud ID" or "sign in" blocks are about.

pretty sure it was only face tracking.

Ah ok. Well it could evolve better.

How would video tracking allow true virtual reality games and not just be a motion controller like the Kinect?

Just an interpretation :expressionless:

not if you dont know how to become a scratcher and wait 5 months

Well you're right. I remember it now!

I already saw Jens doing a demo in a video

my cloud blocks dont have sign in

Alright, it's been 11 days, and I don't think anyone will make a Body Tracking sort of project.

Now I do remember Jen's project and another project from Snap! that utilizes motion capture, but it was only face tracking, and, to be honest, face tracking doesn't really show much for your body.

I mean, I guess you can make a VR game that uses your face, but what fun will it be to bob your head up and down repeatedly for 1 hour? Short answer: It WON'T be fun.

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