Blocks that should be added

Self explanatory.

Clickey sussy link

Improved version:
Blocks that should be in editor by EarthRulerr, remixed by WarpedWartWars.

The date block is completely unnecessary, since it's very easy and a good programming exercise to just make the n/n/n thing yourself.
The make var into a list block is also unnecessary, since you can just drag an empty list block into SET (and it looks better imho).
The draggable block is also unnecessary, since you can just set the sprite's draggable flag from the SET block.
Although, I do agree with the USERNAME block.

And the way EarthRulerr had the [scratchblocks]make var [ v] a list :: #d94d11[/scratchblocks], it doesn't even work.

It’s a suggestion also some are shortcuts and osme odnt work because they are like a template.

This block easy to make it, so I don't think it'll add.

Others blocks are a simple construction. For the medium Snap! user it's unnecessary, because alone know, how to make it- otherwise with new or very young persons. I'm sure in 90% Snap! have in menu all need blocks. Only what Snap! should have in your suggestion is a 'user name' block.

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