Block that sends email?

Maybe some javascript?
define send email (email)from(sender) to (email address):: control hat
run ((javascript(...) with inputs(email)(sender)(email address)::operators)::grey)::control

This is not possible.

That's impossible, unless you setup a server and send http requests to it.

It is possible using APIs. You will need to use the Web Access library (I think that was the name).

This is off topic ish,
But i was wondering:
How do emails have everything that html has?
besides titles and inputs
(Yes js maybe.... unless i saw a really long gif)
Are they in html(y) format?

import flask,stmplib,email
from flask_cors import CORS

I need to review how to send an email (and a new email account probably my 5 minute email for a spare Snap account) :rofl:

emails have everything html has, I think it's because emails are really stored as html lambdas, which get run when you view them. I'm totally making this up, and I have no proof that this is right, so please, please don't believe what I just said, unless you find a document that supports this.

I don't think it is a good idea,even if there even is a way,as if such a block is made,it will be easy to spam in the form of giving emails,so even if it is made,I do not think it is a good idea

But how does Snap! do those automated emails then?

and snap has a server (that's how you are able to go to the snap website and have it load the actual snap site)

so they use their server to send automated emails (which i'm guessing is the only way to send emails, with a server)

Yeah! This got me wondering... Or it is a different bot that uses JavaScript, but not in Snap, but in a different platform, or even something like a HTML editor that they have somewhere hidden in their site. I don't know. :thinking: :thinking:

Also, I agree with what @ego-lay_atman-bay said;

Yeah... all this has me wondering on my couch at 11:30pm...

They use an email server.

Oh. :rofl:. All my thinking explained in 25 characters by @programmer_user. Wow! :rofl: :rofl:

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