BJC in German?

I just had the idea to translate BJC to German and create a MOOC out of. Goal would be to approach kids up to 18. I have seen there is a Indian Chapter, who run BJC this summer in India. Anybody around who thinks this is a good idea?

Have you seen this listing of existing courses - (where one of them is offered by SAP in German)?

THANKS for your quick reply.

You mean *Computer Science with Snap ! ? That's good for me, but not for kids.
There are - to my perception - 2 kinds of material

  1. simple starters like dozens of books for scratch. They dont teach CS and all the serious stuff.
  2. advanced stuff for grown-ups. That's usually boring for kids.

I am looking for something in between,
high school CS course for kids up to 18.

Hi @kimmie46,
I think translating BJC to German is a fantastic idea, even if it's just parts. We've been thinking about this ourselves. Let's maybe think about doing this together! Jadga and I are still on vacation / travelling abroad next week, after that we're all on fire about tackling stuff like this!
BTW, have you seen our German version of the Snap! intro course MOOClet (not Eckart's big "computer science" course, but the more modest intro thingy) we made for kids and their educators?:


That's exactly what I was trying to refer to (i.e the course by SAP, the one both in German and English) that are in the Materials listing.

Yes, for today's kids, who want to be entertained all the time the way they are by YouTubers, it is very very hard to make a course that will not bore them, I know. And, although I appreciate the effort by BJC authors, I must admit that - when back in 2015 I took the first BJC course - I was bored myself :slight_smile: although I managed to collect the videos used in the course and even commented them in my BJC1.x playlist (and, without comments BJC2.x and BJC3.x and BJC4.x) in order to translate captions into my language, but then I didn't do it.

Maybe four years later, they do have a more entertaining curriculum, and I should give them another chance :smiley:

On the other hand, I have today signed up - finally - in the openSAP website and must say that compared to the 2015 BJC course I find it more attractive and less nerdy so to speak, with a more artsy digital arts approach, judged by the screen-recorded Week 1 (video 1) seen so far.