Bignums makes running sprite-local blocks fail

Here is a project to reproduce the bug.
Turn bignums off, then run Broken blocks script pic. It works as expected, making 'Label' say "It works!" for 2 seconds. However, if you turn bignums on, it fails to work.

Good catch. I have no idea why. @djdolphin, any ideas?

I thought maybe it was messing up the "2" in "for 2 secs," but no, calling SAY directly isn't broken, just running another sprite's one.

Looks like "wishes" need to be added to the bignums version of InputSlotMorph.prototype.evaluate...

Sigh, any minute now Jens is going to yell at me about how this shows why libraries overwriting Snap! primitives is a bad idea, but when I say we should just include this library in the core Snap! he'll yell at me again. :frowning:

Political gridlock at it's finest.

Oh whoops I missed this one while fixing bignums bugs yesterday... I hope I turn out to be competent to fix this one...

V6.8.0 still needs patching... Something like

if (useBigNums) {
        InputSlotMorph.prototype.evaluate = function () {
           if (this.isNumeric) {return parseNumber(this.contents().text || '0')};
           return window.bigNumbers.originalEvaluate.apply( this);


Okay, perhaps it's time to retire bignums altogether

Fixed. All I had to do was copy your own patch to evaluate into the bignums code. I'll make a PR for this but I also want to work on colors a little.