Bignums is broken

When bignums are on, the / reporter reports the ratio of the two numbers if there is no remainder, and if none of the inputs are decimals. They do run each input, and for some reason, this happens
untitled script pic (21)
I've figured this out. It adds the product of the divisor and the second number in the addition block, so if I change 2 to 3, it would return 19/3.

For the multiplication block, it does the same thing as the addition block, but with the dividend.

The subtraction block does the same thing as the multiplication block, but it divides instead.

Division does the same thing as addition.

I can't figure out mod, but there is definitely a problem.

^ does the right thing, but instead of doing it to the quotient, it does it to each number in the division block.

There's a bit more, but I can't really explain it all. You should fix the bignums library to return the actual stuff instead of a string.

Please, Please fix this.

Just saying, I have not modified the bignums block at all. I haven't run any other js besides the bignums block.

You scared me, but this is actually the correct answer.

(10/3)+2 = (10/3) + (6/3) = (10+6)/3 = 16/3

Along with bignums you get exact rationals and complex numbers. If what you want is a decimal fraction, add 0.0 to it: