Better split and join blocks

so, I want the split block to have a feature where I have a submenu called "blocks". In the sub menu, I want the the options:
every block, every block (id block for inputs), every command block (keep items in c-shape inputs as one item), every command block (separate items for blocks in c-shape inputs, new item to represent the c-shape end). similar idea to the join block:

[scratchblocks] (join [texts or blocks v] [] [] @delInput @addInput :: operators) [/scratchblocks]

so, it would take the first block, and add the reporters or text (if there is any) into the inputs of the first block. command blocks restart the procces, making a script. if there was a c-shape, this would start back, filling te input. if there is a empty input, it would start the next input/block.

I'm pretty sure the developers had already confirmed that more ways to work with blocks programmatically are in the works. Is this true, @bh?

Yes. Don't hold your breath, but we'll get there.

Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself...

That's what "we'll get there" means. :~)

I guess maybe you're not a native English speaker so I shouldn't expect you to understand idioms.

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