Beta/demo for my rhythm game

It's a really simple game and I haven't created graphics for everything

Can you add a way to skip the beginning, and maybe support for WASD?

Oh yeah sure i'm aware the intro can be annoying and wasd addition is simple

thank you

done and done

you can make a 2 option list by putting a list thing like this [scratchblocks](list [Do you want the intro?::variables] (list [yes] [no]::variables)::variables[/scratchblocks] in the ask block

thanks for the tip. i never figured out lists so thanks(it has been updated)

np :)

funny game, i like it!

thank you

wait i remember you. you tried to tell me to put random position in my calculator. But lol. if you have any suggestions tell me

update music and sfx

You can:
1)add a score engine: try mo make it without using this:
2)begin slowly and increase the speed of the attacks
3)I would like to be attacked by aliens rather than by arrows (different random aliens)

1.i've considered it but first i need to find an effective non-exploitable way to do and print this(as in i don't want it to just appear as a variable in the corner)
2. i've considered this but this is a prototype and i need to work out some final stuff
3. the reason you're not being attacked by aliens is because its a training demo

Although i have shot these down i still appreciate these suggestions and right now i'm implementing more accessibility and comfort than features. I will still hold on to your suggestions for the final product. All these things have been considered for the future. Thank You!

I added the score system using the pen tool it was a pain because I don't know how to get pen to write on sprites so I moved it

you cant, use the costume from text block in te text costume library

i just moved it to a blank space


also you're cool

uh, thanks(?)