Be able to hide files in the Open dialog list

Hi, I'd like to be able to hide files in the Open files dialog.


I just finished a course, so for now I don't need these files. I would not like to delete these files, but I'd like to be able to hide all those files from the list. so the list is shorter and to keep my files tidy.

How it'd work

How to hide: ie Right Click the file you want to hide and select "Hide" from the right click menu.
How to view: In the modal dialog have an option to View, and to View All (see mockup below).


Quick mockup showing hidden files (the semi-transparent ones) when I select to View All files:

Sounds to me like you really want folders, and this is a kludge to get around not having folders. I'd hold out for the real thing!

yes, we want folders !

Folders in comunity site
Folders in sprites
Folders in categories
Folder everywhere !!!

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