BAT Theory - Advance Snap!

I may make some epic gamer projects.

but i not nothin about coffee script (javascript)

but i wanna learn, My theory is that sometime in the future i'd make a programing language inspired by snap where YOU can create a first-class project with no floor, no walls, and no ceiling. allowing you to create anything you want.

Advance Snap!? Sure.

Comment your thoughts or ideas

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This sounds like something a procrastinator or a laid-back person would say...

idk lol

Coffee Script isn't JavaScript, it just makes the best parts of JavaScript more visible to the user.

So you're planning to make an offshoot from Snap!, like Snap! is an offshoot of scratch 1.4.

Snap! runs on its own source code now. And I made my own mod. Snap! Jr.

This is not a theory as you have no proof as to why or how you'd create this programming language. You certainly don't have a time machine either.

listen its just something i want to do. any its not going to look like snap! at all. i just want to make my own snap mod!

Oh OK. But it's still not a theory though.

If it doesn't look like Snap! at all, is it really a mod?
Also, I agree with @slate_technologies in that this isn't really a theory, it's more of a goal.
Also, this topic is pretty much useless... the "share your projects" category is for projects that are already finished and ready to be showcased.

That's right, helicoptur.

sladescar the "Share your Projects" category is for showcasing finished projects.
And also this topic is pretty much useless.

@sladescar but for what making the next mod for Snap! ?

im not sure. i've decided that its not going to be a snap! mod since apparently is not allowed. it will be its own program

FINE! IM not making a snap! mod it will be its own program

@slate_technologies i did share my project smh

@joecooldoo That's very cool but @helicoptur even if i wanted to make my own programing language i cant because there are no tutorials about how to even make a mod. I dont understand how your able to edit every detail about snap! if there are any tutorials online it would be cool if they actully existed

Snap! mods are allowed, it's just that if it looks completely different it wouldn't be a Snap! mod.

Learn JS and learn how the Snap! environment works and figure out roughly what everything does... It's not a simple process.