Bash... in Snap!

Basically Bash, in Snap!. A full working editor that works like the Microsoft PowerShell terminal, or DOS, or a Bash file. It will have the same workings, mostly, if possible.

~/editor$ echo ' Bash in Snap!?'; echo 'wow'
~/editor$ echo;
~/editor$ collab="wanna join"
~/editor$ echo '$collab the collaboration?'
Bash in Snap!?
wanna join the collaboration?

Pings for people who may want to join or should see this...

@joecooldoo (new pfp, nice)
@bh (may want to see this, it would be amazing if you could help with some stuff)

Before joining, please do if not known a small bit of Bash research or general knowledge.

or just know all of this (essentially bash and snap use similar or the same commands, so these will work, you can click the Shell tab to use actual shell, their isn't really a difference.)

"Bourne Again SHell." Bourne is the guy who wrote the original Unix shell. :~)

Eh? They have entirely different purposes!

well for starts

echo is the same (echo ' ')
variable is the same (varName="value"
clear is the same (clear)
line break is the same (echo;)
delay/wait is the same (sleep)


this is the one i would you to be tester for:>

I'll give you variables. And I guess sleep. But Snap! doesn't interact with the user through a character buffer; it does this complicated graphics stuff with sprites and all that. SAY isn't the same as echo, for example, because a particular sprite says the text, and because it vanishes when that sprite says something else.

I like bash more.

It's apples to oranges.


i have started working on it.... alone:(

Sounds like a cool project. Is there a filesystem? I don't actually know a lot about the language. I only know basic commands.

It’s really only going to be basic commands.

I do a lot of stuff in bash, it's basically dos but (imo) cooler.
I even got root access in replit once using bash.

would you like to help?

I have used Bash on my raspberry pi and would be happy to help. In fact the other day i was making something a bit like Bash on Snap! And i'm happy to attempt to make a basic file system too if you want.

What I need help with is the compiler. I have already made the editor, it has no color syntax though.

I didn't think blash had a compiler. Do you mean the interpreter to run the shell scripts?

Well to make a Bash editor in Snap! there needs to be a compiler.

I don't understand this. Compiling into what?

Maybe the problem is that I don't understand the entire project goal. A Unix shell is a program to run other programs. With a few exceptions, a shell command doesn't do something the shell knows about; the first word in the shell command names the program you want to run. The shell is useful because of the hundreds of application programs that also come with your Unix system. What will your shell-in-Snap! actually do?

Goal: Make it so that you can write and run Bash in Snap!, we need a tokenizer and system to output the ran files.

I'm still confused, so let's look at an example. The command is

for ((i=1; i<10; i++)) ; do rm $i.o ; done

What has actually happened after you compile and run this command?

The answer in a real bash is that files named 1.o , 2.o , ... 9.o have been deleted from the current disk directory.