This is my new game for the Snap! 7.0 Dev:
jens, bh, bromagosa, kinestheticlearning, nathalierun, brooc210, helicoptur, sathvikrias, spacer, earthrulerr, joecooldoo and all of the snapers, please play this game. :blush:
You have role of a scientific to recover any bacteria life in a major extinction mass by the sun.
You have to do any possible thing to care any bacteria to control the bacteria population to care this last microlife form, this game was based in a major extinction mass after 5 billion years for now.
Please comment your ratings and reviews towards the game, here.
Previsualization of the game:

Why are you mentioning the mods to play your game? It's annoying and just plain unnecessary.

But it's annoying and unnecessary, and I'm pretty sure this has been talked about before.

You played my game now? :sleeping:

Are you even taking what I said into consideration?

I know it's to surprise them or something, but mentioning people to get them to see your project is

I donr quite understand whats going on in the game. There is just a bunch of cclones everywhere

Ok, but the clones are parts of the game, please read the instructions of the game in the itself game.
(Please send me a screenshot of the project.)

Yes!!! :blush:

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Thanks!!! :star_struck: :+1:t2:

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