Bacon legacy-Team gamer's first game

Hello from Team gamer,Snap's very own gaming company.We're gonna make a game together and need help deciding on what to do.
No nos:
no furry killing
no racist things
no swearing
no implying naughty things
no election themes
we will talk about the game and our views on what you want in the game,and will consider feature we think are good and give you credit abt a game of snap?

how about we wait to see the most wanted game the snappers want

hey @funtime_foxy101 @zahra_kaito @ego-lay_atman-bay and more would you mind telling us what you think (oh also @mrfluffypenguins)

the more difficult the game is, the better it is.

*sighs* if you wanna play difficult games go to but for our first game its gonna be easy,since this will be our first game and some of us will be multitasking(i'm still learning how to code alot better)

I can help make the Backgrounds! :)

(Kaito) "You don't have to listen to anything I say, you know? I'm just a blockhead and a straight-up idiot, after all."
(Zahra) "Why do you want us to tell our opinion?? Do you want us to be a part of this, or what?"

What's the theme? Bacon?

pllllllllllllllllllllllllllz could we add a libertarian themed easter egg/item or smth?????
4 example, finding an (elusive) gadsden flag would give you a rare weapon.

@funtime_foxy101 haha a bacon shooter game

uh, who flagged my jojos bizarre election meme??? nvm, i think ik who

@funtime_foxy101 this 1. basically i suggested that the new game would be election themed, w/ this img as the thumbnail

Not me. Which one lol?

here is the gadsden flag we will use:
Screenshot 2020-11-06 at 8.25.10 PM

Ooooo, a Bacon adventure XD

I'll be the story writer

Ask hero in the other topic

Why don't you call it something more appealing??
like, idk, Anime Legacy or The Pikachu Legacy or Crystal Coding Club or...Sushi Legacy(lol, :laughing: :laughing:) or...idk...make it something catchy.



I'm pretty sure "Sushi Legacy" is more catchy than "Bacon Legacy" if it has to be about food.
*very solemn face

Tbh, sushi is good