Audio keeps saying non finite!

help! Im trying to make a call as you have seen by the many call programs, but every time i connect to my test account it says the float is non finite. what does non finite mean and how can i fix it?
Here is the link to my project here

Welcome to the Snap! forum. Whose test account is it? They've probably been here before.
The problem is in the cloud var reporter that was put in the play frequency block. I don't know how to fix it and I don't know who developed the cloud var extension.

You should not use nums as var names or do int subs with strs.

if you look at the scripts in the cloud var blocks, you can see that the cloud id block is in there, so just take out the cloud id and replace that with something. Then it might work (I haven't tried)


Bushes and copper?

I am more confused.

Well, even if it did work, do you know what the frequencies would sound like? It hurts my ears.
If you're looking to send audio capture via cloud variables, I could try setting up a program to do just that, and you can extend it.

Just let me know =)

Sigh. Please don't tell people how to program. Numbers work fine as variable names, although not so well as costume names because a costume's number might be different from its name and so Snap! can't tell if you mean the name or the number. As for numbers and strings, there are many teaching reasons why we do that conversion implicitly,

It generally means you've divided by zero.

Especially if I didn't create the project that you commented on.