AstroMiner Pre-Alpha 1.0.2: Cook highly precious elements!

Keep in mind, it's not done yet... I still need to work on it.


  • Furnace sprite is officially in game. It requires more than One Unhexquadium and 8 Markiminium to obtain, and it converts Unhexquadium into Scorepoints. Pressing 'F' will prompt the player to craft one.

  • Fixed numerous bugs related to Drag Mode.


  • Furnace requires more than 8 Markiminium and One Unhexquadium (to keep it simple, you need 9 markiminium and 2 unhexquadium MINIMUM to create it).
  • few Textboxes are incomplete.




Plans (?):

  • Improve UI elements (Priority)
  • Improve Collisions (Important)
  • Add new elements/resources (Regular)
  • Add aliens! (Questioned)

Project link?
(I completely forgot to link it tho!)


Keep in mind that I'm new to Snap, Scratch didn't have these. So I'm really dumb lol

Sending a Patch RN

I'm reorganizing your code to make it look clean and not like a broadcast-and-forever-show-front-layer mess
ps:my concept of clean is it would be in a huge event loop so maybe its not clean in your perspective as complained by sarpnt
(just my version,you dont have to merge)

No you should learn instead of complaining about not learning!

If you want something that you did not see,check the relabel pulldown.turn on dev mode,look for some libraries.Then if that thing is still not present you could pull a featrue request and we will decide either it should be added or you can do it yourself as a coding challenge
Or you could just read the manual for stuff


also I just realised, you found the remanent of DungOn in the code! (i left it as a easter egg)

I would advise to not switching on dev mode - its for devs not us muggles :slight_smile:

Especially not people new to Snap! :slight_smile:

Oh that two costumes?I thought that they were bad drawings but you were too lazy to hit delete XD(not saying that they are bad but im saying that they look less delicate as opposed to the new version)

They are bad, and I'm really happy that I learnt few things along the way.

Hey, generally, you don’t need to be in dev mode (it’s rarely of use to us muggles)!

EDIT: didn’t see that cymplecy already said this sorry

Oh ok