Ask block breaks when the Sprite being asked is dragged

I have a script that asks a clone the distance to another clone, and the script uses script variables to represent these clones. The script works fine until I drag the clone the question is being asked to (no effect if I drag the clone that is being asked about). When I drag it, the script completely stops, even though it is in a forever loop (the other scripts in the loop stop as well). I am fairly certain that it is a bug.

Can you post a link to your project?

I've never done that.. would I have to publish it first?

You save it and then go open it but don't actually open it - just select it and click share

Then open it, then copy the url link and past that here

Alright. (Sorry for the delayed response)


I'm trying to work around the bug now so if you open it and the bug doesn't occur, try looking for "buggy line [input] [input]" in custom blocks and replace "line" custom block in the Line Button Sprite under "tell line to:" and keep the same inputs. This would only occur if I save my fix before anyone looks at it, because the current save has the bug and my fix is being developed off of the save.

don't have time to make bug block do it tomorrow disregard above

Do you need the recreated bug or did you catch it before the update?

while a sprite is dragged its scripts are suspended. This is not a bug but intentional, so you can actually drag a sprite and it doesn't keep moving away.

Ahh, OK. Thank you! I found a work-around where I use the global x and y position of both sprites and use the distance formula, rather than asking one sprite the distance to the other, and for whatever reason that works.