Art & Music (Spring 2022) - Module 8 Musical Scales

Here's a link to Module 8 (Musical Scales):

For this project I created a visualization of stars appearing in the night sky as Over the Rainbow plays.

For this project, I had each note represent an x-wing as it exits and goes into hyperspace as the star wars theme plays.

I really enjoy how simple this piece is. The stars twinkling in the night is a very nice way of showing the notes being played.

Using what we learned in class, I wanted to make a face that would make me laugh. I was able to create that by coding each part of the face to change size based on the music note playing, so there are some very funny faces that are created during the song.

This was really cool, I especially like the background, and the spaceships are cute!

I made a midi-keyboard visualizer in which each chromatic note corresponds to a bubble on screen. When a note is played, its correlated bubble pops before shortly returning to its unpopped state.

I liked this one. The first face change is great.

I made a MIDI keyboard visualizer where every note flips a switch to activate a button, or "light" on screen. I also have a song set up to play on activation, it's "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order.

I really like it. The way the face throbs in and out gives the notes an extra bit of punchiness that's pretty funny.

I tried to make my musical visualization a keyboard, but the keyboard keys were pebbles on the ground. TuneScope

I like this project a lot! This is a really cool concept.

I really liked the starships in this one. Great job.

The dot on the screen pulses with music notes played from C4 to C5.

Very creative! Nice work

For this project I created a visualization with Pandas that respond to certain notes being played in a musical motif.

Really cool how the stars appear! Great job!

I made a snowman that pulses to "When the Saints Go Marching In". Thanks so much!

My Tunescope creates a sprite enlargement effect. Every time a note is played each sprite gets larger then disappears. I was mostly inspired from the pulsating effect I have seen on youtube music videos.

I love how your sprite changes size when each note plays. My project had a similar effect!