Art & Music (Spring 2022) - Module 6 Combining Art with Music

Module 6 continues an exploration that combines art with music:

This is inspired by Kanye West's video and song Runaway. The motif is the opening keys of the song runaway. Since I do not have a musical background, I had to look up piano keys with the notes listed and match them based on a video teaching how to play the song. In the video, there is a part of Kanye running through the woods. Instead of importing a picture of Kayne or attempting to draw Kayne, I drew an animation I named Moe. Moe is running from a bat. I'd love to develop the song completely on a computer using what we learn in class.

For this project I recreated the bassline from the chorus of Blink-182's "What's My Age Again" (which I already knew). The bassline plays while a crazy looking stick figure moves randomly around the screen.

I spent more time messing around with the music than the art for this work so there are a couple bonus music pieces if you're interested. There is a block which plays the bassline for the Blink-182 song plus an accompanying drum track. There is also a blues lick I wrote.

I was inspired by the Jaws film and created a little skit with a bird being eaten by a shark. I tinkered around with linking different sprites together and experimented with the launch blocks.

I really enjoyed the music you put in here. Shows how you can really create some interesting sounds with this platform!

I really like this funny little guy, and he syncs up to the music well. Good job.

For some reason, it won't let me include a link in my post even though it's to my tunescope assignment, so just delete the space and it should give you the functioning link.


This piece is inspired by the song from the Minecraft soundtrack, "Sweden". I used a piano tutorial to help me find the right keys. I wasn't sure how to properly work with chords, so the setup is a lot messier than it would have been to use the method of producing a motif outlined in the class documents. I wasn't sure how to use the list format with chords, but I think the overall finished product looks great.

I was inspired by the hit game Among Us to make this project. I used the launch block to play the motif, which in this case is the theme song of the game. Another launch block was used to get the crewmate to glide while tilting to give the appearance of movement. Show and hide blocks were used for the sprites to give the appearance of the backpack being picked up.

I love the use of Runaway, great song. I thought the animation of the individual parts of Kanye running, great animation.

I like this a lot. I don't know the song, but I like it.

This is very cool. I like that it makes a scene. I also like that you used a background photo instead of making one yourself. I did the opposite with my project, but I like the way you did it more.

My piece is an original motif made by myself. It's extremely basic and to me it sounded like a robot taking steps. That gave me inspiration to make my sprite a robot.

I love this! Great humor with the dying human noise!

I was inspired by a youtube video a friend showed me of someone (real life) throwing a piece of cheese onto someone else's face. I wanted to add my own touch so I changed the cheese to bread. I wanted my 'attached element that is animated separately' to not be the main focus of my animation, so I implemented a simple shaking glasses to my animation, which takes the role of a detail. I spent some time editing the sounds I used, but with the main focus being the animation, I decided to focus more on that.

I really like this! It was really funny when the bird was eaten by the shark hahaha! The scream at the end was hilarious!

I created a scene where a boy brings a girl a rose and they share a laugh. It is simple, but I enjoyed creating my own art pieces.

The sprite is super cool! Loved this!

This was animation attempts to combine elements of wild west and "kiddy" cartoon animations. I hope you enjoy!

This piece was inspired by the movie Interstellar and features a snippet of the main theme. I made a spaceship sprite and a fire sprite that shakes around rapidly to make it look like the fire is being shot out of the rocket's engine.

This was really funny and I was impressed by the many different parts and animations in the scene