Art & Music (Spring 2022) - Module 5

This module provides an opportunity to combine animated art with music:

This project is based on a couple of things. It's inspired by the sort of "cosmic dance" that you see in a lot of works since 2001: A Space Odyssey, celestial objects moving in relation to each other. This is a purely abstract work, so if the color choices remind you of anything else, it's purely in your mind.

I set the individual sprites to steadily rotate and move around the screen, but I set them to pulse on the stage itself. I wanted to experiment with a steadily increasing tempo here, so I tried to cut up this song and have different pulse rates at different points in the song, until it finally ends.
Inspired by the DVD logo bouncing around the tv screen with the anticipation of hitting a corner, I created this cat and melons piece. Whenever the cat hits a melon, the cat will meow but it won't happen every turn.

Amazing work. I love the music choice playing so well with the inspiration of Among us. very clever!

Good work! I can see you went the extra mile with making it trigger on touch.

I was inspired by what we did in class for this project. While not anything technically insane, it serves the purpose of having the shapes move around and be animated.

For this project I used a random position glide block to get the shapes to move around the stage. In conjunction, a pulse block was used to get the shapes to change in size every few seconds. Accompanying the pulse is a kitten noise because I like cats. Sprite 2 is tethered so it adds more variation to the movement patterns.

Great project! I love the idea of the DVD logo bouncing around. This feeling is all something we grew up with.

I love how the sound was incorporated to the pulse of the shapes. It's so cool!!

This animated art project was not really inspired by anything in particular. I just thought it would be cool to use dog and cat images when experimenting with animated art and sound. The final product is supposed to depict 2 dogs and a cat chasing eachother around on a field. Sound wise, the dogs and cats have their respective noises that pulse and there is additional background music. Details on how the script is executed are in the project notes.
This project is inspired by Fantasia. It doesn't have a complete song, but there is a beat by using the sounds of a snap, pop, and chord. I kept with a blue schematic so that it all flows together a little bit better.

I thought this assignment was a more fun assignment than something structured, so instead of using music, I decided to make a fun animation with my own sounds. While I could have used music, I think this will bring a smile to those who see it. It was my goal to make something that was funny, but still implemented animated art with a synchronized sound. As for my design process, I drew bacterias and made the canvas a light blue, to symbolize water as if you were viewing these bacteria on a slide under a microscope. All of the bacteria are different shapes, as you would find them to be in the real world. The sounds I used are sounds I made up because as far as I know, we have not been able to prove whether or not bacteria make sounds. I was inspired by my little brother, who had the chance to borrow a microscope and was so excited that he send me a blurry picture of something he was looking at with the microscope.

Really cool, I had to run it a few times to get the cat to meow, but it was almost like playing a game! I really like your choice of background color too!

This is art inspired by art by Fantasia. It is digital art that moves along with music to create a new art form. My art is blue, green, and pink and blue blobs that move on a stage.

How cool! I really like the way that your character moves and the artwork that was made, great job!

For this project, I was inspired by what we did in class with the 3 shapes that made pulse sounds as they drifted across the map. I made 4 different sprites and costumes within Snap for my animated figures. They drift around the map and after each drift of the first yin and yang sprite, the background changes hue by 10 along with the first sprite pulsing and making a slap noise to complement the song choice. The background color can also be changed by pressing the space bar at any time.

I really love the drawings you did and the gurgleSound sample was a funny surprise.

My goal here was to create something creepy and horror-inspired. I originally wanted to do a creative recreation of Pink Floyd's "Speak to Me," which is where I got the idea for the heartbeats in the beginning. Then I wanted to create something somewhat scary so I had all the shapes change to red, begin to move erratically, and emit various screams. I hope I achieved my desired effect.

Thought this was really cool. I especially enjoyed your sprite designs; those were really creative. Good choice of music as well.

This project has three different shapes moving in random directions and rotating. The red teardrop occasionally pulses and laughs. The blue object laughs when the mouse is clicked. The green object laughs randomly. It is random by choosing a random number 1 through 10. If the number chosen is even, then it will laugh.

Very fun! I like how you used your own voice for it!