Art & Music (Spring 2022) - Module 3

Here's a link to the third module, Colorful Patterns: Creating Art in the Style of Pollock:

Create art in the style of the artist Jackson Pollock in this module.

I go into a lot more detail in the project notes, but this piece was inspired by a game I've been playing lately, and when you run the "Line Creator" program it creates a Pollock-inspired canvas that can randomly select from one of two "moods"--a cheerful mood and a low-energy mood, each represented by a different color palette.

The first link is to the three color palettes I created graphed on the stage. I wanted to be able to see my colors and have a place where it was clearly laid out.

The second link is to the Polluck inspired work. One thing I noticed when looking at Polluck's work was the different layers. I tried to mimic this by doing the rainbow polka dots and the rainbow slush two different times. I did these commands a different number of times to try to make the layering look a bit more random and like there was no true top layer between the two. My last commands were drawing circles starting in the same location, but changing in size. In Polluck's pieces, there always appear to be a certain color that blends into the work, but at the same time, stands out from the rest, so I did the circles, to capture this aspect.

I appreciated the use of layering in your work. Specifically the contrast between the first polka dot layer and subsequent confetti layer. Having the dots contrasted by the miniscule lines (especially because there were so many) creates a nice effect. Nice job.

I created a Pollock-inspired piece relying on a few simple techniques. Three layers of randomly-placed and randomly-colored (according to the selected palette, either rainbow or blues) lines, dots, and more lines. For the first two layers I used a rainbow palette so all colors are mostly represented. Then for the final layer I used a blue-only palette. If you'd like to see the palettes, you can set the "draw palette?" variable to true with the provided slider.

I love the neon color palette. I also like how you switch from lines to circles, then back to lines because it gives the piece a more textured look and feel. :slight_smile:

I love the blue palette and that it's the last layer off the piece. I think it creates a very nice textured piece.

I like the use of the hide variable command to make two complimentary pieces of art. I'd be interested in learning more about how that works. I think you might want to add, "when green flag clicked" command to the line creator. Maybe add the "when the space key is pressed" to the hide variable command. I'm not sure this would work, but if you duplicate the hide variable command and have one set to nothing and one set to the mood ring, you could maybe add the "when the (enter) key is pressed", to change it without going into the script.

I created both the color palette and pollock painting using the same muted colors. I wanted to go for something less vibrant. I used lines and dots of differing transparencies to create a layered effect for the painting. I was able to find a command that allowed me to change line ends which was very helpful to create seamless integration of the color palettes and pollock painting.

I really liked the use of color in this one; it's very vibrant. I also liked how you layered the lines, dots, and then lines again it makes for a unique look.

I really like the colors and variability in line size!

"Surface Blues"
I wanted to recreate Jackson Pollock's artwork in the style of the MS Paint graffiti feature. I remember playing with MS Paint graffiti a lot when I was younger to pass the time. I chose to use a blue color palette because blue is a calming and elegant color. In the workspace, there is a way to view the piece using classic MS Paint colors (think bright, almost-neon colors). I tried to imitate the graffiti effect by creating a ring of dots around a bigger center dot. This is done repeatedly at random locations and at random sizes. This piece reminds me hidden emotions bubbling to the top, begetting the question, "Why so blue?"

With respect to the rain showers we have been having, I have titled my piece "Sunshine in the Rain". I wanted to include Pollock's art style in my piece, but I also wanted to add my own elements to make my piece more interesting. I used Pollock's style to create many beams of sunshine in my piece to show how sunshine pierces through even the rainiest days. I was also able to figure out how to draw raindrops, but I left enough space to clearly see the beams of sunshine showing through the rain. One might wonder "why is the sunshine pointing in different directions and not in the same direction?" Even the tiniest raindrops reflect and refract the sunlight, so I wanted to show that unique property in my art piece. Lastly, I didn't want my piece to be too uniform, so I used a pastel color palette to create some colorful clouds by drawing lines randomly in the upper area of the stage.

I think your piece was really pretty, watching the sprite draw everything was very cool. I was surprised for a second when all of the little lines were drawn, but overall I think your piece was really pretty with nice, bold colors. It kind of reminded me of a cartoon version of space.

I like the layering that you did with the lines and dots. It adds more complexity to the piece and invokes a more explosive emotion. Great work!

This piece was inspired by the overcrowded life of tadpoles as they grow in a rather small pond location with their fellow brethren. The pond has its own palette that contrasts from the more lively palette of the tadpoles.

I really like the combines use of dots and lines. Reminds me a lot of Pollock's pieces

This piece, titled AquaBow, was inspired by polka dot background in the popular online video game called However, rather than having a white background like the game does, I implemented a blue color palette. Due to the presence of blue in the background, I intentionally included less blue in the rainbow color palette that was used in the polka dots. All while trying to emulate the style of Pollock.

This piece was inspired by the look of art designed by Jackson Pollock. I wanted to show a use of a large variance of color to create an interesting image with a lot of depth. I created a rainbow palette and a pink palette.

I really like how your lines have a varying shape and orientation to create a really cool image. It reminds me of sprinkles! Really cool!