Art & Music (Spring 2022) - Module 10

Module 10 explores ways to assemble all of the components - melody, chords, drum track - to make a song in TuneScope:

I ended up using the chorus of the song Ave Maria. I found the notes for the melody online and ended up tweaking them a bit to what I thought sounded closer. While trying to sing using Mic Input, I could not get the same notes for the first verse or the chorus, so that is why I ditched that method.

I did the intro melody of John Mayer's New Light. I transposed this by ear and the midi keyboard.

I enjoyed the slow pace of the music. There are a lot of rests which is interesting.

For this assignment I made viva la vida by coldplay. I did this by humming the song and matching the notes to the midi keyboard.

I love this song. Great job transposing it.

I've never heard the song, but from your snippet, I can hear that you did a really good job matching the melody.

This project is an attempt to recreate the main chorus of the song "Lag Train". During the project I kept getting these weird duplicate note inputs that you should be able to spot if you check out the third and fourth measures--I had to work around them to create a similar-sounding note chart. Hopefully this is an issue that everyone has with this project, and not something that has to do with my computer not being strong enough or something, otherwise the third and fourth measures will probably sound strange.

I like it! Good use of the guitar here instead of the stock piano instrument.

In light of Easter Sunday, I transposed the first two measures of the song "Give Thanks". I hummed the song and used the Midi Keyboard to find the right notes. My goal is to make people smile with this pleasant tune, I hope I achieve this goal.

I really liked how detailed you were with the note durations. Really cool!

Hey so I know I'm not supposed to talk here but yeah, this made me smile :)

So for my project I decided to recreate the bass line of the song wicked games by Chris Isaak. I tried creating the melody but since tunescope doesn't sustain the notes for long enough, the recreated melody didn't sound like the original song, so I didn't include it. But the bass-line sounds fairly similar to the original song, Enjoy!

For this project, I made the first few measures of Come Back to Earth by Mac Miller. I transposed by ear and keyboard and a little bit by humming with the mic.

I really like the melody and I think it fits really well with bass.

I tried transposing Trouble by coldplay. I had some issues because I didn't know how to make rest notes unfortunately.

It sounds really close to the actual song!

I wanted to create one of my favorite childhood songs, and so I used the microphone block to capture each note as I hummed along and then did some editing after so it sounded more in sync.

This is so good, I am obsessed.

This week I recreated the opening to Black Sabbath's "Iron Man," although just the root notes rather than the power chords. I figured out the melody by ear, using the MIDI keyboard to test as I went.