Art & Music (Spring 2022) - Module 1

This project is a rainbow flower which was inspired by Takashi Murakami’s multicolored Flowers motif used widely in contemporary fashion and pop culture. I really love both fashion and nature/flowers so I figured I'd take a shot at my own version of it, albeit very simplistic. Instead of using the motion features to create the shape of a flower I messed around with the pen tools and got the petals of the flower to be created by increasing the pen size gradually and shifting the pen hue to get a rainbow color. I then added a couple of leaves on the side. I decided to draw in a ladybug as a costume that is hidden but appears at the endpoint of the flower.

I appreciated the use of blank space in this work; it immediately draws your eyes to clusters of circles. The asymmetry adds another interesting layer as the brain searches for order but can't find it. This disconnect between what you expect to see and what you actually see makes the piece intriguing. And finally I really liked the color you used for the background; it's a very pleasant shade of red.

In exploring the drawing features of Snap! my goal was to create a work centered around symmetry. I was inspired by some of the examples in class, but going in I new I wanted to work with circles. I'm not sure the technical name for them, but I used circles which were centered around a certain point and offset slightly from one another. This generates a kind of illusion of perspective as the shapes begin to appear 3-dimensional (this is especially true if you watch the program run). I additionally decided to use white on a black background for heightened contrast.

My goal here was to recreate a z-map that is often used in 3d rendering (white = close / black = far).