Art & Music (Spring 2022) - Module 1

"Creating Art & Music" is an introductory course designed to introduce creative activities in the context of art and music. Thus far the course has been taught at the middle school, high school, community college, and university level (with appropriate adaptations for each level).

Each week this spring, members of classes in Virginia enrolled in the course are posting their projects in this strand of the Snap! forum. Here's a link to the course materials:

Art, Animations & Music

Anyone in the Snap! community is also welcome to post their projects as well. Members of the classes also welcome comments, feedback and suggestions.

My goal here was to create something different from the TurtleArt posts I had already seen. My piece here was inspired by Picasso's Weeping Woman and the Alegria art style used by so many corporations. I created concentric circles within circles, jagged lines, and finally capped it off with this bumpy target shape I liked. I did not figure out how to undo any specific pieces, so I knew that either I'd do it right the first time or have to clear the whole art sheet. That was really scary for me, so maybe some of that comes across in the final work, an abstract piece that shows the artist holding their work up to the world to say "Look what I've made".
This project is of the Ocean floor. Some shapes I made are more clear such as the bubbles, the starfish, and the flowers. Other shapes such as the seaweed and the waves were more abstract. I tried to make the seaweed as a curvy line going straight up, but I was only only make curvy lines at a degree so instead I went with the wacky shapes. The waves do look like waves I normally see in drawings, but it was kind of made with luck. I'd be interested in adding fish if anyone knows an easy way to create that.

I enjoyed how simple this piece of work is. One thing I noticed was how there were gaps in the seaweed. There is a fill feature in the pen tab that could fill these gaps if you want to take a look at it.

I was inspired by a turtle art that had deconstructed the sky and sea in depicting my barn scene. To create the deconstructed sky and wheat, I randomly generated a length, saturation value, and location in the designated sky and wheat location where the turtle will draw each line. The barn had to be drawn after the sky but before the grain to create the layering effect in the picture. The barn also was drawn with a more specific set of instructions as well. Adding a way to deconstruct the barn would be the next step if I were to continue this project.

I have recently been into a lot of Van Gogh lately, and so decided to paint a snowy town. Obviously, it looks like a 2 year old's attempt at a Van Gogh, but I tried my best. I made a script for the clouds, buildings, windows and snow. The only thing I had to do by hand was to fill in the blocks. I wanted to make it seem as though someone were in a building and looking straight at the skyline, which I think I achieved.

I really liked the way the background and the foreground are designed in this project. I think the change to the saturation really adds a lot of depth to the painting.

My goal was to depict a night sky full of fireworks. Just like a real night sky, I wanted a gradient in the background instead of just one color. I also wanted two different types of fireworks to be displayed with one firework using the other as a building block. I started by creating a basic firework. A basic firework is just a series of short lines drawn outwards as the pen traces the shape of a circle. Additionally, I wanted these fireworks to show up in a variety of sizes, like a still shot of a firework show in progress. The second firework includes a trail--which consists of small basic fireworks following an arc that randomly goes left or right.

Great work! I love the way you use up the space and the colors!

I really liked how you had a trail for one type of firework and none for the other type of firework. It made sense to me because some fireworks go up into the sky with a trail and some just appear there. I also really liked how you used a gradient for your background to depict the night sky. It was a really nice added detail that added to your art!

I was reading a book about a student who's father wanted him to be an MMA fighter, but he wanted to be a florist, so he decides to open a flower shop. My turtle art was inspired by one of the flowers that was described in the book. I made the background by using the fill command and then using a large pen size and moving the turtle along the sides. I made the clouds by randomly making dots. I was able to make the flower stem by creating a spiral function, and then another function to spiral randomly upwards from the "ground". I was able to make the flower by moving the turtle to make a circle, but having it return at the opposite angle so it would make the petal shape, which was then repeated multiple times to make the flower.

I think I saw some of the Van Gough coming through with the details in the background, pretty good first shot at it! The only thing I noticed was how some of the blocks didn't look evenly filled in but I'm not too sure what feature would be able to do that.

I really like the concept behind this piece, the whole idea of being able to proudly display the work you've done! I think it's very different from the other examples of seen and the colors really give it a pop art look/feel.

I really like the way that your flower looks and I like how you described the process of making it. The shape is really interesting in how it branches out from the center.

My goal for this project was to recreate the environment featured in the Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax. The design process was to figure out the easy stuff first and then move on to more complex shapes. The background, grass, and trees were pretty easy to make. The main techniques I used were changing pen size, changing color, and using repeat blocks in order to make zig-zags. The trees balls were the most involved part. I accomplished the fluffy shape by making blocks called makeLeaves and makeFluffballs. These two blocks repeatedly make curved lines around a center point by repeatedly moving a number of units and turning (and then doing pen up and reversing the process to return to the starting location).

I was inspired by the abstract pieces in turtle art that I saw. I was trying to depict asymmetrical symmetry with the different sized circles. I made sure that for every group of circles - each circle of a size was matched with another circle in a different direction of the same size. I created two blocks: circle up and circle down.

The way that you have created the background with multiple colors to give the illusion of waves is really cool! I also really like the starfish and think it was a great addition.

I enjoyed how abstract that sky and wheat of this piece are, but then contrasted with the wholeness of the big red barn.

I wanted to create a design that was vibrant and fun to look at. I really like the way that the hue changes in this design and the way that you can manipulate the degree that the turtle turns to create some really unique shapes. I think that I achieved the color and eye catching look that I was going for, as well as the interactive aspect of being able to create new designs quickly based off of the degree of change. My design was also inspired by a creation done by Jens Monig, in his YouTube series on pen trials.
assignment number 2, drawing of a sunset