Art & Music: Module 9

Module 9 continues exploration of musical notes and chords:

The blues make use of three chords: C, F, and G.

  • Add a fourth note to each of these chords. Then create a new lyric for the third line of the first verse of the classic blues song, "Crossroad".

  • Record the first line of the first verse.

  • Then record the third line that you created as a separate sound recording.

  • Combine the chords and vocals to create a complete song.

I created a melody for my all-time favorite movie soundtrack, the Hanging Tree by James Newton Howard from the Hunger Games. I recorded the first two verses of the song, and combined the chords and vocals.

I recreated Counting Stars by One Republic, a song that I used to play with some friends in high school. I sang some vocals to the best of my ability.

I recreated Crossroads and added an extra A note for the F Chord, C for the C Chord, and D for the G Chord, all on the 5th octave. Here's the link:

I recreated Crossroads and added an F into a C chord, a E for the G chord, and D in the F chord in the fourth octave.

Everybody's links are the same:
none of them link to a specific work that they describe.


I've attached my rendition of crossroads to this response. I added an F5 for the C Chord, a E5 for the G chord, and an A5 to the F Chord.

I don't get it, everything is the same, as @snapenilk said.

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It works for me - maybe they have fixed it

Hi all, I did a rendition of Crossroads, with a G4 note added to the C Chord, a C5 note added to the F Chord, and a D5 note added to the G Chord. Special thanks to my gf who recorded vocals for the lyrics.