Art & Music - Module 7 (Fall 2022)

The third module in the music sequence introduces chords:

For this assignment, I found it much more natural to create the melody AFTER I created a chord progression. I began with one of the common chord progressions Rachel provided and then added the measures to create the melody. I found by playing around with the notes that are within the chord the measure begins with, it was much easier to create a pleasing sounding melody. I also added drum tracks with three different types of percussion. For the mid tom drum pattern I made it out of 8, so the beats would only play every two times since the melody is in 4/4 time.

For this weeks assignment, I first began with the D minor - G major - C major - A minor chord progression and then built my motif from there. For my motif, I chose the notes that make up each chord and played them in order for each measure. I played around with the note lengths, the number of chords per measure, and the instruments to make the final track.

(Side note: sometimes on the first run the start is a bit funky and glitches a bit. I'm
not sure if that's the case for everyone but if it does play it a second time and it should sound normal!)

I really enjoyed your sound. I was especially intrigued by your use of eight notes in the 5th, 6th, and 7th measures. I had not thought of using these and I wish I did. Your project inspired me for what more I could add to my sound, to make it sound more complex.

Great track! I agree, it felt a lot easier to create a melody off of a chord progression than the other way around. I love how upbeat and quick the song is. The tempo, snare drum and mid tom really add to the jovial nature. Good job!

This is the link to this week's assignment. I started with my motif and tried adding chords to that, and then I decided that I wanted to try adding chords to a melody that I already knew well. I made a track of All too Well by Taylor Swift and tried adding different chords to it until I found something that sounded right.

It sounds great, and your notes definitely fit the chord progression that you chose. I love it!

For this project my goal was to make a futuristic sound you could visualize on a commercial for a brand like Apple. While the rhythm remained the same I also changed the instrument near the end to represent the transition that would lead back to the beginning of the song. I wanted to make a catchy sound that is addicting to listen to and hard to get out of your head.

I really liked the chords you used it sounds very catchy and easy to remember what chord comes next when listen which made it very enjoyable.

This is the link to my assignment. I started off by choosing the chord progressions and then playing the melody. There are 2 sections to my song C-F-G-C major for the first section and then switched to C-A-F-G.

I really enjoyed listening to your music. I really like how your drum track, chord and melody fit together!

This project uses a 3 different instruments and my inspiration for this was my orchestra quartet in high school with my friend and I being the two cello players. I worked on the chords first and played around with the melody after.

I really liked your use of different instruments and not having them all play at once. I think it adds a lot of depth and musicality to your project. Good job!

For this week, I decided to add chords to my Runaway motif. In class, it took me a little while to find the right notes for the chords, but after some experimenting, I think they ended up fitting together nicely. I changed the instrument of the chords to a violin, and it gives the motif a nice ensemble vibe.

The combination of all the strings instruments fit together really nicely, the song has a really smooth sound!

Snap! FillInTheChordsWeek9 (

This is my week9 assignment, and I included my process in the project notes.

I really liked the different approach you took here, this sounded like one of those really catchy ringtones you can get on your phone. I never even thought you could take this in that kind of direction. Nice work!

Here is my week 9 assignment.

The use of the different instruments is very beautiful and I love the project.

For this, I just added Tuba chords to my French Horn melody + beat. I wasn't expecting this turnout, but I enjoyed the results! It sounds almost ambient.