Art & Music Module 2 (Fall 2022)

Here's a link to the second module, Exploring Color: Creating Art in the Style of Rothko:

Work out a design that appeals to you by initially placing blocks by hand (as demonstrated in the video for this module). Then automate the process with a script.

This is my Rothko-inspired art piece. I wanted it to feel like watching a sunrise by a lake, so the bottom half of the art is a reflection of the top. I have a function that's responsible for drawing the "sunrise", one that draws clouds, one that makes the bottom half of the stage look like a lake, and finally, one that puts in a horizon line.

  • Megan Beach

I really loved the ombre effect created by the colors of the sunrise. I think this was a really interesting take on Rothko. I also thought the mirrored lake-type reflection was really creative and added an appealing symmetry. I think the reflection idea could be a really cool idea in future projects. I also looked at your code and the cleanliness of your few custom blocks is really great!

This is the link to my Assignment 3. I decided to use Keith Haring as inspiration because I would still be able to use some of the color blocking and stamping technique demonstrated through Rothko. I did this with the background and black borders. I then created the people and heart and turned these into costumes and stamped them as well. Once I decided the location of where I wanted everything to be, I created custom blocks that stamped the shapes at my decided coordinates.

After completing the basic design, I wanted to try to use new functions and blocks. I chose to do this by emulating the "movement" quality of Haring's work by making some pieces actually move, almost as if the characters and heart were animated.

This is the link to my week 3 assignment. The inspiration for my project was a color field design by the artist Rudy Bagozzi. I loved Rudy's use of shadows and overlapping blocks to create a 3D look while also incorporating 2D shapes. I wanted to play with shadows in my design so I replicated Rudy's style and stamped different colored blocks with black blocks as shadows and added in lines and colors of my own.

Here is the link to the Rudy's design: Geometric shapes and color fields. Green, blue, red, yellow. Digital Art by Rudy Bagozzi | Fine Art America

I really like your design I feel like it is very unique and original. I love how the blocks continue to move even after the green flag is pushed and the contrast in the colors really were a great choice such as the green vs the red and the blue vs the pink. You did a great job.

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (

This is my link to my assignment 3. My inspiration came from the Visible Light Spectrum and I just wanted to use this spectrum to create a rainbow effect with multiple colors and then have the stage split in half to make an upside down reflection of the visible light spectrum on the opposite side. I put the background as black just because I feel like this allows everything to have a stronger effect when the green flag is pushed.

My process was to create the multiple bars of color and then combine them into one big costume. Use this costume over the sprite as a make rainbow block. I then proceeded to put the block in the location I would like it to stamp. Then I just had to find the other location where the sprite would have to go, upside down, and stamp here as well to create the two rainbow bar blocks.

@zta9cq this is a fantastic design! It looks just like one of Keith Haring's works. The animation is also a really neat addition. Looking at the code, the people look very complex. Did you have a methodology for drawing out the people sprites? Or was it a sequence of trial and error until the proportions were just right? Good job!

I really like your design and the way you play with color and blocks. I also like the way you swapped the rainbows with one side starting from the top and the another from the bottom.

This is the link to my 3rd assignment. My inspiration was based on an art piece that deals with colorful geometric shapes and straight lines. I used a lot of overlapping between shapes and lines and it gives a sense of minimalistic feeling that plays around with space and color. One of my inspirations can be found here:

I really like how you used the stamp tool to simplify your design code. I also really enjoy the painting you chose, I think it's very colorful and bright. It was smart to create one giant costume to then stamp over, instead of creating multiple costumes, say for each color, because that would overcomplicate the code and would be a waste of time and resources. Good job!

This is design of a modern painting by the small artist, Jennifer Grote. I chose this painting because I liked the color design and the different angles and layering. I found it challenging to find a pattern with this painting, but I simplified the code as much as possible to make it clear to the reader what the purpose of each sprite is. I decided to add a sprite for each "paint stroke" to create the layers and mimic the mindset of the painter.


This design is incredible! I like the patterns that were made at the bottom and how the two figures are stepping on the blocks while reaching for the heart. This is really creative!

My inspiration for this assignment was to be a little bold. I wanted to make ocean waves that highlighted the different textures of the blue. I wanted the middle to be the brightest similar representing the barrier between the ideal front of the ocean and the deeper levels of the ocean being darker.

You replicated her design really well, especially with the colors and line placement! I like how you broke up the sprites into different layers, it really makes the painting come to life.

For Week 3, I created a desert landscape— not inspired by a particular artist, but by the many of the minimalistic styled art pieces I often see on Pinterest. I used differently shaded orange bars to create the look of the sand, a yellow circle for the sun, and a green cactus in the distance. Clicking the green flag stamps in every piece automatically.

I really like how unique this piece is and I appreciated the readability of your code. Great stuff!

Here's my Rothko project, I didn't have any specific inspiration aside from seeing Rothko's work and using my favorite colors plus the ghost effect to make a custom procedure which does the art itself. I provided notes in the project description.

Snap! Rothko Adaptation (

I love this piece! It is minimalistic and that makes it very effective. The cactus is a nice touch and I really like how much it contrasts with the sand and sun.