Art & Music - Module 1 (Spring 2023)

"Creating Art & Music" is an introductory course designed to introduce creative activities in the context of art and music. Thus far the course has been taught at the middle school, high school, community college, and university level (with appropriate adaptations for each level). Each week this fall, students in the course are posting their projects in this strand of the Snap! forum. Here's a link to the course materials:

Art, Animations & Music

This week's module is titled "Creating Artistic Patterns through Computer Graphics":

Anyone in the Snap! community is also welcome to post their projects as well. Comments, feedback, and suggestions are also welcome.

I tried to just make my own original without using any inspiration.
Ideally though, I want the shapes to be created in like a circular pattern that gets bigger and bigger, I'm just still working on it. I didn't realize we were supposed to start yet, so I'm a little behind, sorry!

Week 2 Assignment