Art & Music - Module 1 (Spring 2023)

"Creating Art & Music" is an introductory course designed to introduce creative activities in the context of art and music. Thus far the course has been taught at the middle school, high school, community college, and university level (with appropriate adaptations for each level). Each week this fall, students in the course are posting their projects in this strand of the Snap! forum. Here's a link to the course materials:

Art, Animations & Music

This week's module is titled "Creating Artistic Patterns through Computer Graphics":

Anyone in the Snap! community is also welcome to post their projects as well. Comments, feedback, and suggestions are also welcome.

I tried to just make my own original without using any inspiration.
Ideally though, I want the shapes to be created in like a circular pattern that gets bigger and bigger, I'm just still working on it. I didn't realize we were supposed to start yet, so I'm a little behind, sorry!

Week 2 Assignment

I created flowers using drawing methods from snap. My main goal was to make a "field" with a few flowers. Each time the run button is clicked it resets and re-draws the flowers..

Directions: Hover your mouse over the canvas and press the spacebar to draw a flower. Click on the green flag to clear the canvas.

My project draws flowers with randomly colored petals that the viewer is able to place wherever they wish. When I started the project I realized I could make leaf / petal shapes very easily by decreasing the size of my pen as it moved. I decided to make flowers based off that. I thought it would be interesting to make the project more interactable so I created my code blocks so that it would take the users' input to decide where the flowers should be placed.

Your project is so cool! I like that the changing hue of the colors creates a kind of 3-dimensional look.

I started with the same repeating polygons function that I had from class and decided to add more graphics around the border.

To make the border flowers I wanted to experiment with different angles and step sizes to make a different flower than the one in the center. I also used a similar process on the border flowers as the center one by decreasing the pen size and repeating to create a layered affect.

I first started with a design that was a spiral of octagons. I messed around with my design in an attempt to create an "explosion" of octagons from one center point, but then as I was playing around with the angles, the shapes gradually reminded me of roses. This inspired me to create something that resembles a bundle of scattered roses.

I love how it is different shapes and colors!

I tried to design a sun and a body of water with waves. I first began by creating the large sun and the body of water; then, I worked my way up to create the sun's rays and the waves.

I like how your roses seem to really POP at the screen and it looks very cool. Also very good on you to use a nested for loop!

I started this design wanting to draw something using the options available in Snap. I found that making the background was very simple so I tried to draw a simple scene of nature. This lead to me drawing a desert sunset with a single cactus.

My design is to create an image of a bee pollinating a flower using geometric shapes. There are three main components to the art: the bee, the flower, and the background.

I really like how you were able to make the center portion look as if it is glowing by overlaying different values of colors. It almost gives it a neon light look.

The octagons really do remind me of roses! I like how you changed the brightness of the roses on the different sprites to make different layers. I noticed that in the octagon function, you used repeat 20 instead of repeat 8, is there a particular reason?

I like the design that you created in your project and how it paints a creative image on the screen. The details of the cactus thorns must have required a lot of experimenting with the placement of the tick marks.

I love the creativity with using sprites as the flower petals, very cool idea!

I love the creativity with using sprites as the flower petals, very cool idea!

Great Sun! I also like how you were creative with he construction of the water. I also think you did a great job in including different colors for the sun it adds dimension and makes the landscape interesting!

I created this design of a sunset at a beach, incorporating a lot of gradient colors. My goal was to make something that had a smooth look with calm colors.