Art & Music - Module 1 (Fall 2022)

"Creating Art & Music" is an introductory course designed to introduce creative activities in the context of art and music. Thus far the course has been taught at the middle school, high school, community college, and university level (with appropriate adaptations for each level). Each week this fall, students in the course are posting their projects in this strand of the Snap! forum. Here's a link to the course materials:

Art, Animations & Music

Anyone in the Snap! community is also welcome to post their projects as well. Comments, feedback, and suggestions are also welcome.

Dex circle by dexterradcliffejr - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (

Hello this is my link for assignment number 2

This is the link to my second assignment. I began this project by playing around with turtle to see what kind of basic shapes could be made and then see how I could make them more complex. Once I did this, I was able to tweak the code of basic shapes to create objects where I wanted them. I ended up creating a flower landscape with grass and a frog. I chose this design because I wanted to incorporate more abstract aspects in the background and flowers but also create literal objects like the frog to really test my ability to control shapes and visuals through the code blocks. After completing the basic look I wanted, I added in more details like the shadow behind the frog, more flowers, and the grass.

Zoe Averill

This is the link to my turtle graphics assignment.


This is my link to the 2nd assignment. For this assignment I re-created the Rainbow Road level in my favorite childhood game Mario Cart. I first started playing with hexagons to see what designs I could create and I ended up creating a tunnel shape out of repeating hexagons that reminded me of the tunnels in Mario Cart. I continued with this idea and tweaked the colors, made the floating road, added in randomly placed stars and a little sprite of Mario in his car to finish off the design.

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This turtle graphic is really cool! I like how you used different colors and utilized creating your own blocks. To improve this project more, I think adding a sound may be cool.

This is the link to my second assignment. For some reason, the first thing that popped into my head when starting this project was hexagons. With the idea of drawing hexagons, I began thinking about a bee hive and how they are filled with hexagons. I designed a few patterns of hexagons and formed them into blocks. From there, I decided where they should be placed on the screen. Once I completed drawing the hexagons, I decided to add some motion that we learned last week. I inserted two bee costumes and made the queen bee fly and buzz across the screen.

Samantha Baron

Zoe, this was so cool! The flowers were really neat, how did you get the pen to cycle through the pastel colors like that? I LOVE the frog, it's very cute, and the shadow behind it was a great touch.

This is the link to my second assignment. I used the sprite to draw a scene of a cabin in the woods. I started playing with different ways to create trees and eventually settled on making pine trees with a series of equilateral triangles. Once I had drawn a couple of trees, I decided to add a cabin, starting with a square as the base, I started playing with details like color and adding different shapes to make it more interesting. I finished by changing the scene to nighttime colors and drawing a moon above the cabin with the circle technique we learned in class.

For my artwork I designed using different Sprites Celtic Cross'.

I think your project looks really good! I love the way the different size and color trees create perspective within the landscape. I also love the stripes on the cabin that create texture. I feel like we had a similar design process in that we started with simple shapes and then tweaked them to make real objects, like your trees. I would be interested in seeing you continuing this code in the future and maybe adding more houses or other structures and creating depth. I also think some details on the tree could look cool but I enjoy the aesthetic of the simplicity because it looks really clean and well done!

@dexterradcliffejr I love the final look of this design! I liked how you incorporated multiple sprites moving simultaneously. This gives the design a lot more dimension and allows for pretty neat, almost 3D shapes to form at their intersections. I will definitely utilize more sprites in my future designs.

I really like the how you combined hexagons with perspective art. Looks fantastic!!

This gave me a lot of nostalgia! And maybe a few frustrating memories... Your use of colors is incredible on this, really gives the feel of playing on that map again.

Here is a link to my snap project 2 (second assignment)
My goal for this project was to make an ocean scene, with sea creatures filling the canvas. I wanted to do something less repetitive and more freehand (mostly out of curiosity). I have written detailed notes on my design process in the snap project notes.

I love how you took the time to add shadows and depth, it was really like watching a painting come to life. The ombre effects throughout the background are really cool too, and the frog really brings it all together!

Here's my second assignment. I wanted to make a solar system, but the design turned out better in my head than I could make with Snap!. I definitely want to figure out how to add more depth to the art instead of it looking flat.

The sun was the most impressive part to me, good work! I also liked the use of abstraction, it made the code a lot more readable.

I accidentally created the rainbow spiral when trying to create concentric circles and then realized that by overlaying two of them an interesting pattern emerged so I built a little art project based off that.