Art & Music K12 teacher PD

Here we will collect K12 teacher samples from Module 1 of the PD. The assignment is located here:

This is just a test to see if the upload works:

Red spiral

Here's my first project with Snap for week 1.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! You are all stars!

Here is my project for module 1. It is a combination of squares and triangles.

Here is your new one:

morris' momentous entry into the world o' coding:!

I created an animated project named. It's a combination of me exploring the coding blocks with shapes and sprites. Timing the music to stop when the last animated sprite stopped was a bit tricky. I enjoyed this assignment.

Here is my attempt at this coding project. Bartley's 1st projectap.html

Module 1

That was really cool. You went right into tunescope, instead of using just snap, which is fine, but you may want to use snap for the next assignment, as it might act different

This was really cool!!!

I created an app to generate random snowflakes

Random Snowflakes

I had a couple of questions.
I wanted to change the color gradually, something like changing color by 10 (similar to changing hues gradually) but didn't find the block.
Also, I wanted to fill in the shapes I drew, but couldn't figure out how to fill in shapes - I could change the pen size and color only. There was a "fill" block which was in terms of the background color.

Any advice?

Here is your link:

Very festive! I love it!

Thank you!