Art $ Music K12 Teacher PD - Using Music Tracks

Here we will collect samples from the "Using Music Tracks Module"

Here is my quick example

Here is my music track.

Here is my music!
[cannot include a link again]

Not what I was going for, but it works!

So... I have a project completed, but it will not allow me to upload the link to the project for anyone to see.

Here is the Fill-in-the-chord assignment with melody, chords, and drum.

  I enjoyed doing the work together this week.  I wish I had been able to attend the virtual meeting last week.  I have attached what I did for that week as well(Module 6).  I am planning on exploring snap and Tune scope more over the summer and hopefully will feel comfortable introducing my middle school students to it next school year.  
 Thank you Monty for giving me the opportunity to take this course.  Even though it was very challenging and I got frustrated a few times, I learned so much and look forward to exploring Snap more.  


Module 6