Art & Music (Fall 2022) - Module 8

Here's a link to Module 8 (Musical Note and Scales):

For this assignment I started with the dot piano. I add sprites to represent six of the notes of the dot pianos to be individual characters. Instead of the dots moving up and down like the dot piano, I changed the dots to be moving hands and instruments of each character so when the note is played on the MIDI keyboard it looks like it's from the movement of the characters playing the instrument.

For this assignment, I created a piano that can be used with and without the MIDI keyboard. I changed the dot code to keys and added a few more sprites to add length to the keyboard so that it went over an octave.

I really like ur use of multiple sprites and different instruments. They're all so cute and well-organized. Good job!

This week, I created a rainstorm. I used the dot piano as a base for the drops to fall down when a key is pressed. The original dot piano didn't work with all the keys, so I also added some more clones so that each key will have a rain drop when pressed. I also wanted to give the project a bit more dimension, so when the green flag is pressed, a couple of the clouds in the background move.

I like how interactive your mini piano is! Good job with making it work with both the keyboard and just by clicking it.

I used the dot piano as a base for this assignment and used it to create little ghosts that respond to the MIDI keyboard

The rainstorm was such a cool idea! I really liked the movement of the clouds as well. It was great that you added more keys so that all of the notes on the MIDI keyboard can be played

For this assignment I emulated the Magic Tile Piano game I used to play on the IPad as a kid. In this game, the player presses black tiles that glide toward them to play piano notes.

In this code, when a key is pressed on the MIDI key board, black tiles glide up the screen corresponding with a change in the background color. In addition, I added more sprites to match with every key on the MPK mini keyboard.

Lastly, when the green flag is pressed, the motif I created for the last assignment plays along with the gliding bars and color change. (The delete, make and position clone code blocks will also run so it may take a couple seconds before the motif plays).

To make this assignment even better, I am trying to think of a way to continuously and quickly clone and delete sprites as each note is clicked, that way the same note can be played many times in a row at a faster speed and more than one note could be played at once. In addition, I would make the bars glide to the middle of the stage and become progressively smaller to give the illusion that the bars are traveling into the screen.

I really loved the use of the background and moving clouds to make the project more dimensional. I thought it was a very creative way to incorporate the visual aspect with the sound.

I love the spooky theme! I was also thinking about doing something along the lines of halloween but I didn't think to make ghosts. Your drawings are too cute. Maybe you could also have the ghosts disappear (and perhaps reappear somewhere new) whenever a note is clicked to mimic their elusiveness. Good job!

This is my week 10 assignment taking my piano module into this module to represent a copy of the movement with dots so you can follow the pattern of the music by the code.

Updated Link as accidentally uploaded the one to snap instead of tunescope! This is my dumb ways to die themed dot piano. For this assignment I decided to change the costume every time a note is pressed!.

I really liked your magic tile piano game as well as how the background changes color!! Good job!

TuneScope Here is my keyboard! I adapted the dot keyboard and added a couple new effects that are periodically cleared in a parallel process.

Very cool design and perfectly in theme for the holiday!

Snap! Dot Piano (TuneScope Beta) Lightning Imroved (

This is my lightning keyboard hope you enjoy

You really pushed the boundaries on this one. I never thought you could change just a few blocks and get so many cool special effects. This could be applied to a lot of different concepts!

For this project I wanted to create a fun visual and audio with a person losing his mic while sliding for it in into a ball pit.

I really like the pattern setup between the chords and the musical note created. The creativity was incredible!