Art & Music (Fall 2022) - Final Projects

Post a link to your final project below.

This is my final project. I created a "Choose Your Own Adventure" type game. As the character goes through her days the player is given different options that are correct dependent on the clues given throughout the game. Make enough right choices to not lose all three lives before the last option and you win and make it to the bake sale!

At this level, I could unfortunately only figure out how to make this successful with the code being within all of the different sprites. While this is a bit messy and inefficient, this was the best way I could figure out how to make the game work in this time.

Here is the link to my final project. I emulated two versions of the Magic Tile Piano game. The first version, "Dot Piano (Free Play Version)", will go into free play mode. In this mode, the player can play around on the MIDI keyboard and the corresponding notes on the stage will shoot out from the simulated piano. The background will also change for every note.

The second version, "Dot Piano (Play Song X Version)" code block will go into play song mode. For this mode, the player can first choose the speed they want the song to play at by changing the "Speed" variable. Next the player can choose any song in the "Sample Musical Motifs" sidebar section (or use their own) and drag it into the blank spot in the "Dot Piano (Play Song X Version)" code block. The code will then shoot out every note in the song from the simulated piano and the player must play the note on the MIDI keyboard once the key hits the bottom of the stage.

This is my final project that is brings nostalgia back with audio included this time. The iconic frog leap game.

Wow this game is so cute and intricate! I love the attention to detail in the background, story line and choices you can make. This reminded me of all the Choose Your Own Adventure games I used to play as a kid.

I really enjoyed the game overall and how you made it work in two different ways. I always enjoyed these piano style games and it even reminds of Guitar Hero in a way. The code also seems to be written in a very efficient way. Good job!

Here is a link to my final project! It's an expansion of the game I made, which is a fantasy take on Google's dinosaur game. You can press the space bar or the up arrow to make the character jump and the duration you press to determine how high the character goes. There are two levels in this game, the second a bit harder than the first, and if you can go for long enough, you win!

Here's my polished version of The Binding of Isaac I made for my project a few weeks ago. I couldn't really fulfill my goal of creating either a full "Basement Loop" as the addition of new content began to take massive amounts of time. Instead, I opted to further polish the game, such as making knockback more consistent, fixing most (but never all...) bugs, adding two endings (Win and Lose).

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks Here is the final version of my microcontroller helicopter game. I created a progressive difficulty element that makes it pretty challenging after a couple minutes and polished up the movement a little.

This was an awesome project and I'm proud to share its name

This is the link to my final project. The game is based on a series of mini games that you have to pass in order to advance to the next stage!

This game is a piano mini-game, with two song options to choose from. You will need to hit the green flag two times, one to initialize scope and the other to start the game.

Snap! Car Game (

The mechanics of this game are so impressive. When you were demoing it in class It genuinely seemed like a game produced by a team of developers. Fantastic work. I especially appreciated the cut scene, really brings you into the games story.

I love this game! The animation, sound effects and controls are really amazing! Good Job!

This is my final project with walking through the art museum