Art & Music (Fall 2021) - Module 8

Module 8 builds on previous modules and explores ways in which musical chords can be combined to create a backing track:

Create a chord progression in TuneScope for use as a backing track. Then create a melody to accompany the chord progression. Use the notes from each chord to build a parallel sequence of notes for the melody. Then use the “Play Tracks” code block to combine the melody track and chord progression track.

Here is my week 10 project. I used the G major scale for my chord progression in the 4th octave. Then I played around with notes to create my melody.

Here is my week 10 assignment. For my chord progression, I used the C major scale in the 4th octave. For my melody, I used my melody from the last module but added an extra part to better fit with my chord progression.

Really nice piece! I liked how you represented your chords with the violin instead of the piano. It’s really cool to think how chords are represented with other instruments since I’ve only thought of them with pianos so far.

Here is a link to my week 10 project. I had a fun time picking out the notes and instrument for this music piece. It was really interesting how this same piece sounds horrible with a different instrument, but sounds very soothing with the ukulele and organ. Some notes also just sounded weird so I played around with them until the melody sounded right to me.

Here is a link to my week 10 assignment. For my chord progression, I used the D major scale in the fourth octave. I then created an accompanying melody out of different notes from the D major scale so that the two tracks sounded harmonious together.

Here is the link to my project for Module 8. My progression scale uses the C major scale in the third octave. Creating the melody was challenging as I had to play around with the music note durations and ended up alternating between half and eighth durations I also changed the chords to whole.

I love how you created a perfect balance with the organ and ukelele -- neither one is overpowering the other and it works really well.

Week 10
I think this assignment was my favorite one so far because I was able to play around with the different instruments, notes, and scales. I really enjoyed hearing the different noises it created. I used two different major scales and they were C and F and they sounded great with my final outcome. In the end, I felt like everything came together perfectly or the way I wanted it to.

WOW! Your piece sounded great! I didn't even think about using a violin for my piece, but it definitely sounded great. I liked how some of the notes were held which made the piece sound that much better! Great Job!

Here is my week 10 assignment. I enjoyed this assignment a lot, because it was fun being able to experiment with the different sounds, and making my own unique song. I used the F major scale in both the second and third octave, and I chose these because they were the ones that I believe sounded best on the organ. I then created a melody and combined the two to get my finished product.

I really enjoyed your sound, as I think the chord progression sounded very nice, and the melody complimented it very well! The piano and electric guitar also work very well together, and are a good combination that makes for a beautiful sound.

Here is my mod 8 assignment. For this one, I used the chords F major, A major, and G major to create this sound. I follow this up by using single notes first in the opposite order of the roots then in the same order of the roots. I wanted it to slowly turn into chaos at the end so I kept getting faster and faster!

Here is my project for Week 10. I like the chord progression that I used a lot, I just wish I could find some better notes as the melody to compliment it more.


Here is my project for Week 10. I added another backing track that was played by an organ. I did this with the intention of adding more layers and richness to my piece.

This is great. Super elegant and the melody flows well. Sounds professional!

I really liked your sound. Thought is was nice how you used all quarter notes in the beginning of your melody then slowed it down with just half notes.